Ane Makoni and Teuteu Eukaliti, Directors of JK Concrete Services

The foundations of JK Concrete began by Sione Eukaliti, who started as a sole trader in 2001, creating a legacy for his family and which he passed down to his children, Ane Makoni and Teuteu Eukaliti who have taken over the reigns and transitioned the business into a limited liability company in 2018.

Both Ane and Teu complement each other throughout the business where Teu oversees the team and operations, with Ane ensuring all back-office compliance and systems needs are met to ensure a smooth running of the overall business. Since the transition, both Ane and Teu have grown immensely with the company winning several contracts across the Waikato.

JK Concrete provide services for all your concrete needs from footpaths, kerb and channel, vehicle crossings, asphalt, cobblestones, exposed concrete, driveways and recently, fencing. Every obstacle and challenge they have faced has strengthened the team and built their internal capabilities and skills that have pushed them towards growth and success every year.

Both Ane and Teu saw an opportunity to grow the business in the trade industry and didn’t want to throw away all the years of sacrifice and hard work their father had laid. He laid the foundations, and now it was time for them to start building on it and creating a legacy in honour of him.

Up and personal with JK Concrete Services:

  1. Why did you engage Oyonnx?

We chose to join Oyonnx for the purpose of growth and learning to better the way we operate our business. We needed help to clean our HR department, operating system and also expanding our work intake with other key contractors. Oyonnx was the perfect match for our needs.

  1. What were your first impressions?

They were genuine people who are here is help us grow.

  1. How would you describe our approach?

Very professional, honest and inviting. We really like the fact that they did not make us feel uncomfortable talking about all our issues with our business, our struggles and what we wanted to achieve. Their approach was comforting, relatable and exciting to us as a business needing help to take the next step in growth.

  1. How have we added value to your business?

Since joining Oyonnx we have received more work opportunities. We have gained a lot of confidence in how we operate and it’s a nice feeling knowing we have Oyonnx to contact whenever we need help.

  1. How would your business look now if you hadn’t worked with us?

We would be still stuck doing what’s comfortable for us and wouldn’t feel as comfortable as we do now with our HR department.

  1. Any last comments/would you recommend us, if so, why?

I would recommend Oyonnx for anyone who feels stuck and need that extra push to take the next step into their business venture. At first, we assumed we knew it all, but you only know what you know, that can limit how you can grow, these guys have the knowledge and real-life experience to know exactly what you need to grow. They are just genuine people who want to help.

  1. What are the exciting stuff/projects your company has in the pipeline/what are you looking forward to in your business?

Oyonnx connected us with Dempsey woods doing kerb work for new sub-division in Morrinsville and Rotokauri here in Waikato. We look forward to this contract as we know the potential and opportunity it brings to the future growth of our business.

You can contact JK Concrete direct on or check out their Social Media platform to scope out their work. Below are also some snippets into their epic curbing and concreting skills.