Pasili and Amusia Faitua, Owners and Directors of Ilissia’s Catering

Ilissia’s Catering is a Samoan family-owned catering business operating across the Waikato region for 5+ years. They are passionate about bringing soul food to corporate and local businesses – offering cuisine which incorporates a mixture of traditional island food with a blend of Kiwi flavour. They aim to consistently deliver quality food and services to all their customers both small and large, ensuring they receive a unique and top customer experience, at an affordable price.

Their customer base include:

  • Corporate Events e.g., intimate business functions, business network events.
  • Private Events e.g., special birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, funerals.
  • Community Events e.g., local churches, Kiingitanga (Maori King) and local Māori Iwi (Tainui).
  • And Schools e.g., Nga Taiatea Wharekura lunch packs,

With their range of food and services including:

  • Catering for breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch, and dinner
  • Providing bespoke and set menus ranging from hot and cold finger foods, canapes, full sit down/ buffet meal options, desserts and non-alcoholic beverages
  • To student lunch packs and health but filling canteen food options.
  • We can also offer setup and pack-down services, to full catering services.

Their ultimate goal as a Pacific family business is to buy their own restaurant and leave a legacy and opportunities for their kids and community.

Ilissia’s Catering is owned by Pasili Faitua (Sili) and Amusia Broomhall-Faitua (Sia), together they have four beautiful daughters. Where Ilissia’s Catering was organically created through their passion for food and the opportunities that had come their way.

Up and personal with the Faitua’s:

  1. Why did you engage Oyonnx?

We signed up with Oyonnx in May 2021. We decided to engage with the Team at Oyonnx because our business was rapidly growing, and we needed guidance to make sure that our growth was steady. We faced many challenges as business owners. This was the first year that we got to work on the business instead of in the business. It was great timing when we finally made our decision.

  1. What were your first impressions?

The Team at Oyonnx were very welcoming, caring and people focused.

  1. How would you describe our approach?

The Team at Oyonnx were very professional in their approach. They arranged a meeting with us and made sure it was at a suitable time and they also came to us which made it a lot easier. After talking with the team about their services, we were instantly impressed.

  1. How have we added value to your business?

The Team at Oyonnx have added valuable gems into our business. We planned and made a strategy on how we could tackle the back end of our business and creating streamlined systems that will help us to be a more sustainable business in the future. The team helped us to understand the backend of our business a lot.

  1. How would your business look now if you hadn’t worked with us?

Our Business would not be the same had we not joined Oyonnx. In such a short amount of time working with Oyonnx we were able to accomplish more than we could have imagined.

  1. Any last comments/would you recommend us, if so, why?

I would highly recommend Oyonnx and the team to any business large or small, in their first year or 10th plus years in business. The team will personalize their services to suit your needs and help accomplish your dreams.

  1. What are the exciting projects your company has in the pipeline and what are you looking forward to in your business?

We are looking forward to securing more contracts and providing top service for our customers and giving back to those in our community.

Check out some of the delicious and variety of cuisine they provide below. You can also contact Ilissia’s Catering direct on or through their social media platform. Also stay tuned for their new website – coming soon!