Tonga Robertson, Founder and Director of NEST Interiors & Design

This year we had the pleasure of working with one of our Clients, Tonga Robertson, Director of NEST Interiors and Design to collaborate and design our newly fitted out office in Hamilton.

NEST specializes in bringing to life a clients dream and designing spaces that are aesthetically pleasing whilst being functional and purposeful at the same time. Whether it’s for a commercial design or residential project, Tonga and her team are paving their way across the Waikato.

This year has been a great achievement for Tonga, as she took on a range of projects from four Church Renovations to a 400sqm Commercial Design to being co-opted as an Executive Board Member for the Waikato Pacific Business Network and more projects on the horizon – we look forward to seeing her smash her goals as she builds her business for years to come!

Below are some snapshots into the incredible design work NEST has done for our new 400sqm office.

Fit out by Tika Interiors Ltd.

Up and personal with Tonga Robertson:

1. Why did you engage Oyonnx?

I really wanted to look at business development through a different lens. I’ve heard of all the textbook answers to growing and developing a business and this time round I wanted to try a fresh perspective that was not text book and not a typical approach that every business would take.

2. Be honest, what were your first impressions?

Great! No mucking around and straight into the areas where I needed to grow the business.

3. How would you describe our approach?

I love the custom approach; I love the accountability I got immediately as I started.

4. Have we added value to your business?

Yes! I started to look at areas of my business differently and understood why I couldn’t carry on with some of the typical approaches I had previously used.

5. How would your business look now if you hadn’t worked with us?

We would still be facing the same challenges and frustrations we were facing last year.

6. Any last comments/would you recommend us, if so, why?

Yes, I would! I really love the approach used by Oyonnx. As a business owner it’s been great to have accountability, a sounding board and hear some truths along the way to keep you on your ‘A’ game.

7. What are the exciting projects your company has in the pipeline and what are you looking forward to in your business?

We are really looking forward to some projects that will finally go to build in 2022 – some we have been working on for the last 3 years.

You can contact the team at NEST direct on or through their website on We look forward to seeing the growth and development of Tonga and NEST over the coming years.